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The Elusive Wood Ducks, Again


Earlier this week, we ventured out to photograph the wood ducks again. I was prepared this time with a new camo tent that would allow me to stretch and almost stand during the wait. Plus, I could use a camp chair rather than a five-gallon bucket with a seat. As I sat waiting for the wood ducks, I got to thinking that “decorating” my tent would be a great job for Red Green!

We waited about two hours and listen to some great nature sounds from birds to bull frogs, but no sign of the wood ducks. They may be spending more time on the nest waiting for young ones to hatch or attending to them.

As I looked around, I saw some amazing reflections from the trees in the pond. The lighting was great and I decided to photograph the tree reflections without the ducks! I had also seen a bird in a tree to my right, but was unable to identify it. Just before we left, I saw the bird again an zoomed in in with my telephoto lens to try to identify it. It was a northern flicker and just getting ready to take flight.


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