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Late spring in the valley 2019 Brown County SP IN

Late Spring in the Valley

The weather and other issues have kept me from doing a lot of photography this spring. It seems it is either raining or I am waiting at another doctor’s office with my wife. Finally, I had some free time without rain and other issues are resolved. I decided to take some time to photograph the late spring colors before everything turned the same shade of green. With limited time and the growing threat of a storm, I headed to Brown County State Park.

Late Spring Shades of Green

For the first time this spring, the sky had some definition in the clouds. Most days that I have had a chance to photograph were met with a plain gray sky with no character or interest. While an overcast day is great for photographing trees for our book, that sky does not make for an interesting landscape photograph.

The traffic in the park was very light this afternoon so I could easily move from one location to another. The texture of the clouds and hint of different shades of green in the trees made for some interesting photographs. This day was the last day of late spring to photograph the spring colors.

Next Stop

I have a few more trips planned as soon as it stops raining! The bottom lands are flooded and prevent me from exploring some recently discovered areas (this past winter, the road was covered in ice). I also want to explore a river that looks like it has some potential for a nice photograph. However, the river is flowing high and most likely it is muddy. It looks like there is only one day that has much of a chance of rain in the next 10 days. Hopefully, the weather forecasters have it correct! But, it is Indiana and things can change quickly without warning.

Late spring in the valley 2019 Brown County SP IN
Late spring in the valley 2019 Brown County SP IN
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