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Fall colors on an island at Lake Monroe

Fall at Lake Monroe Indiana

I decided early one morning to check the colors at a location at Lake Monroe that I had photographed in the spring to see the scene with fall colors. Unfortunately, I was too earlier and there was very little color. I also decided that afternoon sun would provide better lighting. Given there are 103 miles of shore line, I decided to check some other locations.

I found the most color on an island across from a boat ramp. Fortunately, there were not too many boats coming and going on this morning. I particularly liked this panorama of the trees (A Fall Morning at Lake Monroe IN) on an island against the less colorful ridge in the background. There were more reds in this scene than any place I had photographed this fall.

Most of the shoreline had more color than the hills rising behind the shoreline. This small group of trees caught my attention due to the contrast with the green behind the trees.

Fall colors on the shore Lake Monroe IN
Fall colors on the shore Lake Monroe IN

Photographing the lake from different places yields a variety of results and new perspectives.

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