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Calm of the morning Sundance Lake HNF Brown County IN

Calm of the morning Sundance Lake HNF Brown County, IN

A few weeks ago, I decided to visit a few places I had not seen for a couple of years. Sundance Lake is one of my favorite places. It is hidden off the beaten track in the Hoosier National Forest only noted by small sign with cryptic numbers.

The drive to the location was circuitous due to road closures. Then, the roads turn to gravel and quickly narrow to a single track. As I drove to the lake, I started to feel I was lost as it seemed to take much longer than I expected. Two turns before arriving at the lake, I recognized landmarks and knew I was near.

I was the only person at the lake this morning and while I am sure there were other creatures lurking nearby, the only sound I heard was that of woodpecker searching for breakfast. The lake was calm and it was a beautiful pre-fall day. The stillness was so welcome. I almost felt I was intruding as my camera shutter made its familiar noise. Hopefully, I did not disturb any creature or tree.

I stayed for almost 45 minutes enjoying the peacefulness of the lake. There are very few places this close to where I live where one can feel they are lost in an undiscovered part of the world and forget all that is going on in the world for as long as you want.

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