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Spring Colors In A Valley Brown County SP IN

Searching for Spring Colors

Somedays are just made for photography. I had one of those days recently when the weather and my schedule came together. We have been dealing with problems from a failed sump pump for several weeks that have cut into my travel time. We were forced to speedup our schedule for purging items we no longer need. As a result, I gained some additional storage for my photography gear and organized my prints, materials, and equipment. I need to sell some gear I no longer use.

Field of yellow

Not long after leaving home, I found a field of yellow. Many of the farm fields are in bloom with a yellow plant that is a cover crop. I saw this field a year or two ago from a different vantage point. I prefer this point of view. The pollen count was high this morning, but I did not sneeze!

Spring field Monroe County IN
Spring field Monroe County IN

A calm day

My next stop was Brown County State Park. The lighting was not right at the first few locations I visited, so I decided to check on Ogle Lake. It was a calm day and the lake was like glass with a hint of fog at the far end. After considering several locations, I decided to photograph the site at the water level from the spillway. As I finished my shooting, I started thinking that it would be a great day to go fishing on the lake. A few minutes later, two guys arrived with metal boat and trolling motor that I believe is illegal to launch on this lake. As I was driving to my next destination, I saw several trucks with park rangers headed to the lake.

A calm spring day on Ogle Lake Brown County SP IN
A calm spring day on Ogle Lake Brown County SP IN

Spring colors

I continued my search for views that would show the subtle colors of spring. My search involved several overlooks in the park, but the slightly overcast and hazy day did not reveal the colors I wanted. I was ready to give up when I decided to go to one last location I had visited earlier. For a few minutes, the sun highlighted the subtle spring colors I wanted to photograph. I worked quickly to setup my gear and get the photo I wanted. Several of the mountain bikers watched as I worked to capture the image I spent the day trying to find. I’m sure they did not realize that photography can be an aerobic activity!

Spring colors in a valley Brown County SP IN
Spring colors in a valley Brown County SP IN

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