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Sometimes the waiting is the best part!

I have been scouting this location all summer, but the sun was too far north (to the left). This morning I arrived about an hour before sunrise. There were two trucks with empty boat trailers and it was still quite dark. I had a chance to try out a new flashlight and hiking headlight. I hiked down to the lake and found a spot to setup.

While waiting, I talked to a father and son who were heading out to fish for catfish. The son was working the second shift, so they had an opportunity to spend the morning fishing. Most fishermen are quite talkative and some provide good suggestions on other places shoot.

As soon as they left, the first hint of light in the sky appeared! The following shot was taken a minute or two later. The sunrise photos taken some 35 minutes later were not as dramatic as I had hoped, but still very nice.

Dawn at Lake Monroe



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