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Fall Colors at Last!

It seems like it has taken forever for the fall colors to reach their peak, and it will be short lived. The trees here appeared to peak on Sunday, so I was shooting in Brown County State Park at sunrise on Monday. As the morning progressed, more photographers wandered through as did other visitors. Several individuals asked me when the colors peaked. I told them, “Yesterday.”

Fall Sunrise in Brown County

The colors will be short lived as the wind was quite strong today and rain is predicted for the next two days. I had planned to scout and photography some new areas, but spent the better part of the day in Brown County. I visited other areas south of here last week, and was very disappointed. The creeks were almost dry and either the leaves had fallen or the leaves were still green. Some are saying the heavy rains we had in June and then the lack of rain for the past two months has disrupted this fall’s colors.

Fall Day Brown County Indiana

But, once the leaves are down there will be new opportunities and the migratory birds will begin to arrive. I am looking forward especially to photographing the Sand Hill Cranes. Until just recently, I had planned to return to Nebraska some winter, but then learned they winter here.

You can find my fall photos in my Indiana Landscape Gallery on my web page (




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