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Early in October, I had a chance to attend one of Adam Jones’ workshops on digital photography printing with my good friend Ben Greenberg (he has a great photo book!). One the way, we stopped at Kentucky’s Natural Bridge State Park and Resort where we did some hiking shooting,  and the next day we drove through Red River Gorge in the rain. Early that morning, we were looking for Mill Creek Lake and almost drove down the boat ramp (I finally realized what the long white stripped parking lanes were….) in the dark. However, we got some great shots of the sunrise and later of the fog rising from the Red River Gorge. Interestingly, my daughter was there rock climbing a few weeks later. I tried to explain they had steps cut in the stone up to the natural bridge, thus there was no reason to climb the rocks.

Adam’s workshop was very informative although the panoramic shoot the night before was rained out (one should not take a native Hoosier to Indiana to photograph the Louisville skyline!). I completely redid my monitor calibration and am using Photoshop and the NIK plugins a little more.

I am still waiting for fall color to appear here in southeast Virginia. There are a few trees turning, but not much of a fall color show. Next year…..



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