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A great start to a new year!



As Linda and I were walking this morning, I always check out the lake for any unusual birds. I saw nothing this morning other than a seagull or two. The sky was pretty overcast, so it did not look like a good day to shoot. Later, when I was walking Cendigh I noticed some different birds. I had gone to a nearby National Wildlife Refuge last Friday as the newspaper had story that migratory birds had arrived including some swans. I did not see any birds and no one I talked to had a seen any that day. But today could be different—it is my first day official day of retirement and what could be better than some great photos!

I took Cendigh home, retrieved my camera, and drove back to the lake. As I got closer, I noticed the new visitors were a small flock of Hooded Mergansers. They move and dive quite quickly, but I managed to capture a few photos. They arrived about the same time last year on a very dreary day. At least I had a little more filtered sunlight today.


Then, a very loud squawk as an egret was taking flight. It seems a Great Blue Heron had moved into his fishing spot and he was quite upset. So much so, that the egret left the lake. The mallards seemed more curious than afraid wit the heron.


Next, it was bath time. The Canadian Geese and Mallards were making quite a splash. I caught this one female Mallard either showing off for the guys, or enjoying her bath.






I hope the rest of the days this next year are this great!



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