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Photography Tools for the Car

The Right Tools

Having the right tools are essential for any job. As a landscape and nature photographer, I am always looking for tools to make life easier. Recently, I found two great tools for the SUV.

The Organizer Tool

Every time I go shooting, I have to remember to collect my large map book, guide books, and my plant, butterfly, tree, and bird identification books. Plus, I a notepad, pens, pencils, a few business cards, and a thermos. All these items are then distributed around my car and never available when I need them. I needed something to make life easier. I found a car seat organizer that allows me carry all my material in one hand! It fits over the head rest of the passenger seat or in the rear seat if someone is traveling with me. It has several pockets for storing maps, books, pens, and notepads. Plus, it has two large pockets to store water bottles or thermos bottles. It makes for the perfect organizer tool to makes each trip easier. It is always packed so I am ready to go.


Clean up Tools

We are in that strange season of the year that is no longer winter, but not yet spring time. Instead it is mud season. I have WeatherTech mats in my SUV in the front and a large one in the rear. They are easy to hose off a few days later. But, walking into the house with muddy hiking shoes usually gets me in trouble with my wife. Never mind that the dogs drag in as much mud as me! As I was driving home from shooting mud covered the other day, I started thinking about how I would clean up my hiking shoes when I figured the local hardware store less than a mile from home would have a brush. I found a Palmyra brush that has 3-4” strong bristles for a few dollars. When I arrived home, I stood outside the garage and brushed the mud off my shoes. It is a great tool to keep in your vehicle. Next time, I’ll clean up before I get in the SUV! The only foot prints on the kitchen floor were muddy paw prints. I still had to clean up the mess….

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