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Mill Creek Spring Mill SP Indiana

Exploring Mill Creek at Spring Mill State Park

A few weeks ago, I started working on a new photography project. My first and only stop that day, was at Spring Mill State Park. I had planned to shoot along Mill Creek and walk up to Hammer cave. Then, I was going to two other locations in the park. And, if all worked out, I was going to one other location further south. The weather forecast said cloudy in the morning with storms soon after noon. Well, the sky was clear blue, it was hot, and it was humid. There was a foggy mist rising from Mill Creek and I had to wipe the filter on my lens several times during the first 45 minutes. After shooting the creek and cave for about 90 minutes, I decided to give up. It was simply too hot and humid to do any hiking and even begin to enjoy it!

I will return on a cooler day when a cloud cover is not predicted so that there will be clouds! Below are two of the photos I took.

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