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Presentation: Nature Photography 101

Next week, I will be making a presentation on Nature Photography in Bedford, Indiana. Here is the press release.


For more information: Teena Ligman, 812-278-0139


Nature Photography 101

Bedford IN – April 1, 2019.  Have you tried to capture those amazing nature shots and been disappointed? Most of us have. Join us at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, April 30th at Wilson Park Shelter House to learn the tips for great nature photography.

Gary R. Morrison, a well-known Indiana landscape photographer will show you how it’s done! Now that most of you always have a camera in your pocket, you may be more interested in catching that spontaneous perfect picture.

Morrison grew up in Bedford, and is pleased to come back and teach some of the insights he’s learned in his career as a photographer. He’ll share ideas on when to catch the best lighting, how to set up that perfect shot, and suggestions on equipment to try.

Morrison will answer questions during his program and talk people through the challenges of taking that perfect picture- which often may be taking lots of pictures and then finding the gem amongst the many mediocre shots. He will have many suggestions and examples of what works well for outdoor photography. Come be inspired to take whatever camera you have and capture some special moments in nature.

The free, one-hour educational program will be presented in the historic Wilson Park Shelter House.  The shelter house, at 2211 Denson Avenue in Bedford, is enclosed. The program is part of the Bedford Park Outdoor Series.  Please RSVP for the program by April 26 at 812-275-5692 so we have enough handouts and chairs ready.


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