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Fall Colors on a ridge Morgan County, IN

My wife decided to join me for a day of photographing colors and some fall hiking. Our first planned stop was Morgan-Monroe State Forest. I have photographed the area a couple of times, but I have not gone to the forest for over a year. I was relying on my GPS that refused to provide audio for the directions (since fixed). We missed an obscure turn on to Bean Blossom road. I followed the GPS and eventually it told me to turn up a gravel road that turned out to be private property. I quickly backed out and continued northwest.

Across the road was a colorful ridge with nice clouds. I parked beside the road and photographed the ridge with the fall colors prior to their peak. Not knowing where the forest was, we decided to continue to our second stop, McCormick’s Creek State Park, where we were planning to hike an have lunch at the Inn. This photograph is the only one I captured today and it was due to a GPS mistake or maybe it was an operator error.

We have visited a few state parks and tried the food at the Inn. Brown County’s inn always seems to have cobblers like mom made. Spring Mill has the best buffet with a variety of foods and great desserts. If you ask, you can often get a piece of persimmon pudding!

Fall colors on a ridge Morgan County
Fall colors on a ridge Morgan County
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