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Hoar Frost Brown County SP IN

I left home before sunrise with expectations of a colorful sunrise, fog, and temperatures in the 20’s. The sunrise was not colorful; however, there was fog and temperatures in the 20’s – the perfect combination for hoar frost! It was everywhere – on the trees, branches, and last summer’s plants. Mother Nature was busy painting many beautiful scenes.

Hoar frost on last fall's plant
Nature’s Winter Paintbrush Brown County SP IN

The DNR person at the gatehouse told me there was not much color in the sunrise and he had not seen any fog earlier that morning. I drove on hoping to find something to attract my attention. While there might not be much color in the morning’s sunrise, the light often produces a nice scene. The road to two of my favorite locations was blocked by a gate due to snow from earlier in the week. I turned around and headed back to some other locations. As I was driving on the top of the ridge, I noticed that heavy fog was rolling in from the eastern valleys – it was too thick to photograph from an overlook. The fog on the west side of the road; however, was light. I have noticed this phenomena a few times recently.

The prairie garden had hoar frost on many plants and that I photographed. As I was returning to my car, I noticed the hoar frost on the tree branches. I spent over three hours photographing a variety of scenes. The following are some my photographs from the outing.

Tree branches with hoar frost
Hoar frost chaos Brown County SP IN
Tree branches with hoar frost
Silhouetted branches with hoar frost Brown County SP IN
A plant with hoar frost
Hoar Frost III Brown County SP IN
A plant with hoar frost
Hoar Frost I Brown County SP IN
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