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Sunset With Storm Clouds Monroe County IN

No Dust, Just Storm Clouds

I waited for the better part of a week in hopes that the Saharan dust cloud would reach my area and produce some spectacular sunrises and sunsets. We had a light a very light rain off and on during the day Saturday with a continual threat of a thunderstorm. Still, Saturday night looked like the best opportunity for a colorful sunset. About an hour before sunset, my wife, and I set off for a location that I thought would produce the best sunset photo this time of year.

When we arrived, there was good size group of folks picnicking and not social distancing. We took a wide path around them to get to my location. The evening was cloudy and cool as we watched swallows skimming across the lake in the relative stillness of the evening. I had my camera ready to go as soon as I saw some color. As you can see in the photo, there was not much color in the sunset Saturday night. We waited until 15 minutes after the sunset hoping for a burst of red that never appeared.

I just saw a report this morning indicating that another cloud of dust is moving across the Atlantic. Maybe we will have clearer skies and some of the dust will reach this area next weekend. However, the weather is predicted to be storming over a wide area that could reduce the amount of dust in the air.

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