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Bushes In Lake With Fog

Bushes in lake with fog

Sheltering in Place with Our Dogs

We have been sheltering in place and I have not had an opportunity to do any landscape photography since early April and that day was unproductive. My wife has actually had me doing yard work!
We are still grieving as we lost our 14 year old Irish Setter two weeks ago. Our vet described him as a once in life time dog, and he was a very special dog. Our 10 year old Irish Setter is finding new roles and jobs for himself. He now goes out to retrieve the paper with me although it is more like a quick walk up the sidewalk so he can mark all three trees. I have to be fast to grab the paper or all 80+ pounds of dog will run over me.


Last weekend, my wife, Dylan (our Irisher), and I went scouting for some locations to photograph. We visited this area a year ago last winter. I had spotted this scene and wanted go back, but never made it due to flooding and road construction this year. There is now a new bridge making access easier. I could not find the scene I wanted but picked two other locations as possibilities. My GPS directed us far away from the third location.

A Chance to Get Out in the World!

Earlier this week, I packed my gear and drove to my first location as the sun was rising. I could not find a good shot and proceeded to my second location. Again, the light and scene was not compelling so I decided to drive to Brown County State Park. About a block down the road, I found the location I had seen in the winter! There was some fog on the lake making for an interesting scene around the bushes in the water. I hurried to find a spot on the shore while trying not to trip over the exposed tree roots. At least it was dry and not muddy. I could have easily gone home as I did not find anything else to photograph that day, but I kept searching for a couple of hours.

I am busy planning another trip to revisit some old locations and explore some new ones for a new project.

Take care and be safe.

Bushes in lake with fog
A mystical morning at Lake Monroe IN
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