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In search of early fall colors

My search for fall colors usually starts around the first of October. And, I am always searching for new locations to photograph fall colors each year.

My First Trip

The first week of October, I ventured out by myself to photograph some landscapes for the first time since my knee replacement surgery this past June. I misjudged the best time to photograph the sunrise and missed the most colorful part. A family watching the sunrise from a nearby picnic table said there were beautiful colors a few minutes prior to my arrival. I waited for a few minutes until sunrise with the hope that I might find some more color. I finally concluded that I had missed a beautiful sunrise this morning.

I decided to drive to Ogle Lake and search for some other scenes to photograph. My past experience has shown that the sunrises at the lake is several minutes after you see the sunrise on the ridge. I could see a hint of fall color on the southern shore of the lake and decided to wait for more light. My wait was rewarded a few minutes later as the sun cast some early light on the first hints of color.

A first hint of fall at Ogle Lake Brown County SP
A first hint of fall at Ogle Lake Brown County SP

To color or not to color

There is considerable debate as to whether we will colorful trees this year. There was plenty of rain in the spring and summer (farmers could not plant until very late if at all). Then, we hit a drought with little if any rain in September. It was also very warm until the last few days which suggest we might not see much color. It is now cold with frost warning and we had a rain for several hours last week. Many of the trees in our neighborhood are still green which gives me hope for color! The one tree in my neighbor’s yard that turns a brilliant red does not show much promise for color this year.

I’ll keep my hopes up and continue to monitor the color and search for new places to photograph. We have a long trip planned tomorrow to photograph a few trees for a book. I hope to find another location or two to photograph the fall trees.

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