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Missing tripod feet

If you own a tripod then you have either lost a foot or you will lose one (or another one). I have lost at least one foot on both of my larger tripods. The first time I lost a foot, I bought chair/crutch tips at the hardware store for a quick fix until new feet arrived.  I try to make it a habit to tighten the feet each time I put my tripod in the car. And, I check the tightness of the leg screws several times a year–at least one is loose.

It was a raining and stormy day today, so I decided to clean up my office as I did not want to have my computer running during a thunderstorm. As I was making my way to the garage with some recycling, I remembered I needed the one item to “fix” my tripod feet.

Last fall when I was talking to someone at Benro about a replacement foot for my tripods, the individual told me to wrap the threads with plumbers tape. I needed a break from cleaning and decided it was finally time to apply the fix. While I could not go shooting today, fixing my tripods was photography related….

Plumber's tape on tripod foot
Plumber’s tape on tripod foot

It is quite easy. Just unscrew the foot from the tripod leg and wrap it with the plumber’s tape. Then, screw the foot back into the leg.

Hopefully, this fix will keep me from losing any more tripod feet. I have extra feet in case I do lose one as I they typically come in packs of three. I also carry an extra chair tip in my backpack for an emergency.

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