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A Foggy Fall Morning

A foggy fall morning

Almost everyone I have talked with agrees that this fall is one of the most unusual. The forecasters predicted the peak for fall color would be October 15 in Southern Indiana. Only someone with a very vivid imagination could see any color by mid-October. I kept exploring multiple locations throughout the southern part of the state searching for color several days each week. Near the end of the October, the colors became real. However, the forests looked brown.

Finally, we had a frost and the trees started turning to gold, orange and red. It was the first week of November before we reached peak colors. The weather prediction was not great this morning with a forecast of cloudy skies. Once the sun was up, I could see patches of blue and decided to drive to Brown County State Park. On my way, I started noticing some fog and beautiful lighting. I increased my speed and arrived soon after sunrise. I was rewarded with some remarkable views of soft sunlight and fog.

After about two hours of shooting, I was driving along the crest of a ridge when I noticed the area to the east was totally enveloped with fog. I could not even see the trees to take a photograph. But, on the west side, there were simply waves of fog that made for a great view. After four hours of chasing the fog and light, I decided to head home and skip the two other areas I had planned to explore. Hopefully, the rain and wind will not destroy all the color.

Foggy morning Brown County SP IN
Foggy morning Brown County SP IN
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